Dave Meyer Interview - How to Get What You Want in BJJ / Grappling

I listened to a great interview on Stephan Kesting's podcast with Dave Meyer. The interview had several highlights but one point jumped at me that I immediately made a note of it.

Towards the end, Dave says: There are 3 ways of getting what you want in BJJ or life in general. You can either take it, put the opponent in a position where they have to give it to you or put them in a position where they want to give it to you. Dave supports this with a number of BJJ-related examples.

All good. Now the old, goal- oriented, me wanted to say “Ah that's an awesome analogy” and it is, but it assumes a very static, black and white picture of reality.

You are zoned in on ONE thing, negotiating it back and forth with your partner/opponent and hence missing the hundred other ones they are giving you, hell even throwing at you, for free. BJJ / Grappling is not a sequence of frozen pictures but rather a fluid circle or movement.


How many times have you worked so hard to go from Side Control to Mount and completely ignored a number of Kimura opportunities the opponent gave you?

How many times have you worked so hard to get your hand or foot inside someone’s very tight and defensive turtle posture, totally ignoring the opportunity to topple them over or stick your far hand in for a clock choke?

Yes you can use the analogy and intently attempt mount expecting the Kimura opportunity, and that’s an excellent way to get it. But how do you think it came about the first time around?

Thru experience. Thru being totally in the moment and just seeing what-happens-if.

This is what I’m suggesting. Write your own book. It’s a lotta fun!

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