Tips on Arriving at Solutions in BJJ / Grappling: A Question of Coaching Methods

I was reading Cane's excellent post on Frames and Postures from Side Controll Bottom when it occured to me that one of the great beauties of training in an alive, uncensored and healthy manner is that with enough testing, you should be able to arrive at correct conclusions.

I had written about similar ideas to Cane's back in October of 2009 but more from the perspective of Half Guard bottom rather than Sice Controll and apparently Priit had worked this a good while ago. It's all good. Minds are coming together.

The gym is going thu some very exciting times at the moment and it feels great to see how these coaching methods can expand the mind and evaluate ideas and theories.

Oh, and this is the 100th post. Yeay!

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A.D. McClish said...

Congrats on the 100th post!