BJJ Tips: Using Strength to Fuel Technique

How embarrassing! Every weekday morning I go to a shop at the station to buy some cottage cheese or yoghurt before taking the train to work. I usually pay by card and use the self-service checkouts for speed and today was no different. Only today no matter how many times I pressed on that damn ENTER button it wouldn't take the payment. I called the dude who works there and he did the same thing only this time it worked!

He then looked me up and down and said: "you have to press stronger, sir. "I couldn't restrain myself from laughing. I had a Grappling-Grasshopper moment at Sainsbury's!

Using strength had become such taboo that we sometimes refuse to use it in its rightful place: to fuel mechanically correct techniques. A perfectly executed triangle choke will still need that final squeeze to make it work. After you have blocked your partner's path and broken their posture, you will still need that final push to sweep them and of course, once you’ve scanned all your items, placed them in the collection area and put your visa card in the reader "you have to press stronger, sir."

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