So what did YOU want for Xmas?

As Promised! Here is the latest list of Xmas wishes from the happy PTGs around the world. Many thanks for all your contributions and I hope Santa is reading. If he isn’t, feel free to pass this link to them. I have fetched the links to Amazon and a few shops that stock these products for you...


Saulo’s Book Jiu-jitsu University

BJ Penn’s gi book: Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu: The Closed Guard (Book of Knowledge)

BJ Penn’s MMA book: Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

MG's X-Guard Book: X-guard: For Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, No Gi Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts

Dave Camarillo's Judo-BJJ integration Book: Guerilla Jiu-jitsu: Revolutionizing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
The Grappler's Handbook: GI and No-GI Techniques: Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Fighting by Jean Jacques Machado and Jay Zeballos!!!! This was a new one to me!

DVDs / Media:

The Gracie Academy Combatives DVDs:

Saulo’s Revolution DVDs:

These are the best investment I've ever made in BJJ / Grappling:

Series one:


The best reviews are available here. There is no way I can top it.

Fight wear:

Evolution Fightwear: Evolution Fightwear long sleeve rash guard blue

Venum Fightwear:


Atama, Adidas, Black Eagle, Faixa Rua, HCK, Koral, Vulkan

Enjoy and I wish you all the luck!

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Meerkatsu said...

I would like a Supermarket Sweep style grab all at they sell everything and I'm zeroing in straight for the DVDs and fancy bling gis!