Relson, Renzo and Now Rener. But what about RYou?

Wow. There is so much talk about the different teaching methods of different BJJ / Grappling academies at the moment. Here's a quick up to date:
  1. The Gracie brothers Rener and Ryron release The Gracie University: an online source to what they refer to as Gracie Jiu Jitsu or GJJ. You can buy lessons for online viewing or on DVDs.
  2. Relson Gracie goes on the ever so awesome Fightworks Podcast and slays amongst other things today's competition rules, saying they have shifted the focus of Jiu Jitsu away from its original Raison D’Etre, which is real-fight survival and self-defence. Here is a link to that interview.
  3. Renzo Gracie comes on the FWPC the following week and in a very engaging Al Pacino style defends his point of view and mentions that a student of his visited California and had a less than warm welcome at the Gracie brothers' place. Here is a link to that fantastically emotional interview.
  4. Last week the Rener Gracie came on the FWPC and told the listeners his side. Here is a link to that interview.
It doesn't really matter who you agree with. At the end of the day, you and I both want to get better at BJJ / Grappling and to this day I have never seen better quality instructionals than what Rener and Ryron put on the Gracie University.

What strikes me the most from the online forums is how much people really want a prophet! Rener said this but Renzo said that and Relson said something else. Who cares? They live in California, New York and Hawaii respectively. You will never need to choose between their academies. If only we could be so lucky!

The matter of the fact remains that the level of detail in what the Gracie University has on offer is outstanding and it comes at very affordable prices. Further, they discuss the correct indicators for techniques, which is something I have only seen in private lessons and very occasionally in class. Within seconds of lesson 11, I realised why my Elevator Sweeps weren’t working anymore. My Triangle choke has never been better and it’s all thanks to the tips I got from lesson 10. Do I agree with their views on teaching and training? Maybe I do. Does it really matter? Absolutely not!

Stop looking for a prophet to answer the big WHY for you! That is your burden and yours only. You need to do it for you. In the mean time, these guys can show you a lot of the HOW and WHAT, from multiple angels!

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