Training when On Holiday

I know I know. I should be on holiday from Grappling/BJJ and not training but I can't just go cold turkey!

I have not had any access to Grappling/BJJ here but I that hasn't kept me from doing some exercise.

I am lucky enough to have wonderful in-laws who have three great dogs who love to run, and a house right next to the beach.

Dogs + Beach = Running on the beach every morning!!

I am not a great runner. Actually, I'm not much of a runner at all, but who can say No to this?!

I also wanted to do something closed to Grappling/BJJ so I found some washing line in the garage and fashioned a make-shift jump rope.

Ha ha I'm not much of a rope jumper either so I had to keep the numbers low and mix it up Tabata style:

20 skips with the jump rope, followed immediately by
10 push ups
20 skips
10 squats
20 skips

10 revolutions of the box drill*, repeat from the top.

I repeat this sequence for 15 minutes straight and I like the feeling I get from it. It works well as it keeps my rest active but it did not interfer with my recovery so I could still do the running on top.

I have put on some holiday weight (2-3 pounds) but it couldn't bother me less. I'm enjoying myself immensly but still keeping active.
I will soon be posting an article about another branch of exercise that I love: "Proprioceptive Training" so stay tuned!

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