BJJ / Grappling Tips: Avoiding injuries by training jiujitsu without an ego

Squad: Training triangle chokes against a striking opponent.
Myself, Professor Kone and my friend Mr Shukie Lok.
Shukie, myself and Shaun got our black belt together.

My jiujitsu teacher, Professor Eddie Kone, recently wrote a piece titled: "Separate your ego from your training. Train hard, but not like an a**hole."

Not only did I like the sentiment, I also liked the way he put his message across so I thought I'd share it here with you.

As most of you know a few weeks back I received an injury, The severity of the injury although not as bad as first thought was still a hindrance and rendered me unable to teach which the effect resulted in cancelling privates and having time away from the mat.

I just want to reiterate that injuries although are far and few between can happen, so how do we prevent or at least understand how they happen ?

I compiled some information for you to read at your own leisure, but one thing is for sure :-

If you are a higher belt, heavier/stronger then the person you are training with you must take great care and maintain the utmost control.

Do not go 100% when your partner is going 20% and take your weight, size and experience into account.

Do not feed your ego or become someone who feels good by hurting others as this will result in you being asked to leave the academy.

No one wants the reputation of the guy who injures others.

When practicing, breathe deeply and slowly. 

Relax all the muscles in your body. 

Decide that you want to protect yourself and your training partner, as this is more important than “winning” the round. 

Monitor your proximity to other people on the mat, particularly if you see a head and a foot coming dangerously close to one another. 

None of these things will guarantee you don’t injure someone or don't get injured yourself, but they may reduce the likelihood.

I also strongly recommend if someone is too rough or hurting you that you tell them, and just don't train with them anymore.

As I always say one day the door will open & someone bigger, stronger or just more technical then you will walk in and it will be your turn to be injured.

Remember: Separate your ego from your training. Train hard, but not like an a**hole. 

See you on the mats

Your Friend 
Professor Eddie Kone



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