The purpose of writing a jiujitsu blog: My 6-week project

My friend Casanova and I.
This is the first picture I remember posting on this blog

Recently I've been thinking about the direction I want to take the blog. I find myself drawn to longer and more detailed content and while I've religiously kept the blog to no fewer than 12 well thought out articles per year (averaging one per month), I think I want more.

I've also been thinking about how my own training has been changing and, to reflect that, how the format of the blog (and podcast) should change. After all,  it is my blog and it should express my views on training in the martial arts. With that in mind, I've decided that both the blog and the podcast should more closely cover my training cycle.

My current training cycle is focus on one position or transition within Jiujitsu for 6 whole weeks (longer, if I see fit). What this means is, for example, if I'm looking at side control top (positional maintenance, attacks and transitions to better positions...etc) then I'd be studying videos on this subject,  drilling all aspects of it with my training partners (with various levels of resistance) before and/or after class, making it the sole focus of any privates I take with my teachers and, most importantly to be honest, always starting sparring rounds from that position and seeking to go back to it over and over again, if my training partners are happy to do that. This could, but doesn't have to, mean regressing from being on my opponent's back, on them with my knee on their belly or mounted on them back to the side control within the same round, just so that I get more practice time within the geography*. Obviously, if my training partner doesn't want to start the round with me on top of them on side control, I'd respect that but ask that I start on the bottom on side control and monitor and neutralise all their actions, until they get the better off me, and take note of what really works vs what works occasionally.

For the blog and the podcast to reflect this, every 6 weeks or so, I will release a through breakdown of my experiences and findings. Naturally a study as in-depth as this cannot be adequately summarised in the usual 5-800 word format.

I must say I'm excited about this project. I think the new format will facilitate a lot more depth and enrich the content of both media and while I am a little curious (apprehensive) as to how such technique-driven content will lend itself to the podcast format, I am very motivated to give it a go and see what I learn from it.

So, without further a do, here goes Project 6 Weeks - part 1: half guard top.

*for as long as the roll allows, of course. People aren't just going to lay. Ask and let me do what I want. 



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