BJJ / Grappling Tips: More from the Knee On Belly Position

Learn the secrets of the Knee on Belly position from a true master of the position:
Master Mauricio Gomes on GALLERR

I recently wrote an article about the Knee on Belly position where I talked about some drills to stay on top and launch your attacks. I've had a ton of messages from that particular article that I decided to add a few more attacks to the repertoire. In particular, I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions to help deal with resistance to our attacks.

To start off, I will share this really nice way to remove the arm the opponent may use to block our choke, by Mr Robson Moura

As often is the case, chokes combine nicely with arm locks. In this scenario, you see Robson attack the far arm from a telephone-style arm lock which then, if needed, can flow into an omoplata shoulder lock.

In combination, these two attacks (alongside the strategies discussed in my previous article) will be plenty to give you a dangerous Knee on Belly attack game.



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