The Part Time Grappler PODCAST?!

The clue is indeed in the name. After years of resisting, I've finally realised that I have been using the blog as a catch-all for everything I do: Articles, Interviews, Discussions, Product Reviews...etc. In reality, a blog should be mainly that: a daily (or at least regular) log so while I am by no means closing it, I am simply going to transfer all non-day-to-day articles to an audio format in the shape of:

The Part Time Grappler Podcast
This blog will remain my platform to share product reviews, written interviews and a log of fun and interesting jiujitsu (and other martial arts) related things that happen (seminars, camps, competitions, trips and academy visits, graduations and belt promotions...etc.)

As podcasting is a brand new world to me, I'm hoping to receive a bunch of feedback from people on how to improve various aspects of the podcast. It'll be available on iTunes and Stitcher (or simply through the website below) and episodes shouldn't be any longer than 15-20 minutes.

My aims for the podcast? To learn, just like I learnt with the blog, how to best put ideas and concepts across. Not to mention, to have fun and mess about with new (to me) technology.



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