Kron Rickson Gracie MMA FIGHT Hideo Tokoro

Rizin FF have started booking matches for their next event (late September 2016)- Rizin Fighting World Grand-Prix 2016. The first advertised (and largest draw) fight is one involving Kron Gracie (2-0) and Hideo Tokoro (33-28)

The date first booking is a fight between Kron Gracie (2-0) and Hideo Tokoro (33-28), who meet each other in the featherweight. The match will be fought under MMA rules. Whether it's the Unified Rules or a modified version remains to be seen. 

Kron Gracie's highlight:

Gracie is as the name suggests a grappling specialist. He made his MMA debut in December 2014 and has so far finished all his fights via submission in the first round. Kron is the son of jiujitsu and Vale Tudo legend Rickson Gracie. 

Hideo Tokoro's highlight:

Tokoro is much more experienced, with a total of 63 MMA fights under his belt. In fact, 11 years ago, 2005 he drew against the first Ultimate Fighting Champion and Kron's uncle Royce Gracie. joined a tied match against Krons uncle, Royce Gracie (15-2).



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