BJJ Gi Review: Globetrotters Competition Gi - New Release!

Short BJJ Gi Review

BJJ Globetrotters is a world spanning, yet accidental, Brazilian jiujitsu team. I say accidental because the founder Christian Graugart describes it like that and while indeed you can register for IBJJF and UAEJJF competitions through the BJJ Globetrotters, they represent far more than just another BJJ team. They’re a movement:

I reviewed the BJJ Globetrotter’s travel gi not too long ago and it’s still one of my favourite gis to train in. Understandably, the super light, ripstop gi is not competition legal so when I heard that they’d released a competition legal one, I jumped at the opportunity to review it. 

They real seem to have done their homework as the gi is both beautiful, aesthetically designed and tailored to the tooth. It's light enough to train in regularly and do local, national and international comps in.

Simple and aesthetically pleasing reminders of the general ethos of the BJJ Globetrotters are strewn throughout this project.

Disclosure and cost:

Christian sent me this gi to review. BJJ Globetrotters normally sell the BJJ Globetrotters Competition gi for $199 which works out to around £150 (€180) but they're currently offering it for $175 (£132 / €158). Did I mention free shipping worldwide?!

Long Gi Review

The first thing that hits you with the BJJ Globetrotter's competition gi is the beauty and effort that has gone into every detail of its design. It's so beautiful.


The gi arrived in a white fabric gi bag with the now worl famous BJJ Globetrotters logo printed on the front. The gi weighs approximately 1.9-2kg, which is a little heavier than some other competition models but still a very reasonable weight.

The weave, if that interests you, is advertised as a pearl weave but to you and I, that basically means a tightly woved single weave. Translation: light yet sturdy. 

This is not the heavy and warm gi you might get from a TatamiTank that will keep you warm rolling on a cold evening nor the super feather of a BJJ Globetrotter’s travel gi, best suited for training BJJ around the world, but rather something of an in-between. Elegance and sturdiness for everyday training and, as the name indicates, competition.

The gi I was sent is an A2, measurements below:


Cuff 17.5 cm
Height 81 cm
Width 59 cm
Span 165 cm


Cuff 23 cm
Outside leg 100 cm
Inside 74 cm
Waist 54 cm


What's really nice is that what you see is what you get in terms of shrinkage. It doesn't shrink much from the original shape.



Measurements after 4 washes at 30 degrees:  

Cuff   17cm
Height   80 cm
Width  58 cm
Span  164.5 cm


Cuff   22 cm
Outside leg  98 cm
Inside  72 cm
Waist  53 cm

The general fit of the gi is a tad on the snug side, but I am on the husky side (85kg of pure muscle or 187 1/2 lb, 1.76 m or 5ft 9Inch) and it fits me to a t!

Remember, it doesn't shrink much so if you're skinny, expect it to remain a bit baggy.

Design and aesthetics:

The gi is, as mentioned, very tastefully adorned with the BJJ Globetrotters' branding. This is embroidered onto the gi and the teach patches are supplied with the gi for you to attach (or not!)

The first ever, fully competition legal gi from BJJ Globetrotters. This is our most premium quality gi so far. We have been cutting no corners and compromised on nothing in terms of attention to details.
  • High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave fabric
  • 10 oz canvas pants
  • Cotton gym bag
  • Separate BJJ Globetrotters patch
  • Comes with free white belt
  • Free world-wide tracked shipping upgrade

In short? If you need a great looking, reliable competition legal gi and you don't mind canvas gi pants (as opposed to ripstop cotton like the Fuji Suparaito) - buy the BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi!



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