Submission grappling / MMA gear: Joint Guardian

Just a quick post to highlight a NoGi MMA brand that was kind enough to send me a sample of their products. Joint Guardian are a relative newcomer on the MMA Nogi gear scene but are indeed unique in their message:

"We produce innovative, socially responsible fightwear that allows our customers to wear the armor they need, while contributing to making this world a better place"

Making the world a better place how, I hear you ask. 

They strive to use organic and / or fairtrade cotton

They strive to use recycled polyester to reduce their environmental footprint

They are members of the 1% for the planet movement. Read more about it here:

But what really makes this Start-Up unique in my eyes from a social-responsibility POV is their take on fighter sponsorship:

"Just like other fightwearcompanies, Joint Guardian also sponsors fighters. What makes our sponsoring deals different from everyone else is that we ask our fighters to choose a good cause and to give something back! Fighters can choose any cause they consider worth supporting! Once Joint Guardian has decided to sponsor a fighter and his/her cause, Joint Guardian will do everything in its power to raise money for your cause and support you on your way to the top."

As for the products, I found them of a very high quality. My only gripe, which is more with me and my appetite for good food than with them, is that they were tight in my body frame. I'm 177cm and 85kg and the size medium spats, shorts and rash guard were..ehm.... Snug! 

Initially I didn't like the (removable) EVA knee protectors during ground grappling but I wasn't too bothered as I soon removed them. I have, however, found them more useful if you incorporate a lot of wrestling shots (or on my case, judo) into your training.  

I'd like to extent my thanks to Dhani and team at Joint Guardian again for the opportunity. Keep up the great work. 



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