Jiujitsu Lifestyle Humor: anti Gracie Diet Song Titles

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I tried the Gracie Diet for a couple of months over the summer and quite enjoyed it. If you're thinking about giving it a go, I recommend getting Grand Master Rorion's book on the subject because not only does he explain the diet (the rules of which you can find at here) but he helps you get into it in a structured phase-by-phase manner. If the Gracie family are good at one thing, it's deconstructing something and teaching it to the masses!

Nonetheless, I thought it'd be fun to put together a list of song title that involve food combinations that violate the rules of the Gracie Diet. There's literally loads! Here are my select ones.

Sweet like chocolate by Shanks & Bigfoot:

Never eat dessert. Sweet foods and savoury (cooked) flavours should not be mixed!

Banana pancakes by Jack Johnson

What? Were you not listening? Why would you mix eggs, flour, milk and butter (cooking fat) with a fruit? Tisk tisk!

Cherry pie by Warrant

Cherries are an acidic fruit (even though the lyrics do say Sweet Cherry Pie) which cannot be mixed with any other groups of food or even within the group itself so if you wish to eat cherries (or oranges or kiwi or any other acidic fruit) then you must eat enough to make a whole meal out of them. Furthermore, mixing them with flour and butter in the form of a pie crust is just Gracie Diet Madness!

Cookie jar by Gym Class Heroes

Cookies? COOKIES?? Sugar, milk, starch all jumbled up into one dish? That just so many violations I'm just not going to bother. (Although, let's face it, he's hardly talking about any Choc Chips here!)

Fresh Strawberries by Franz Ferdinand

This is actually a trick one. Just like the above cherries, you can definitely eat strawberries (or any other acidic fruit) if you eat enough to make a whole meal out of them. While this does sound delicious, remember that the first rule of the Gracie Diet is to space your meals by 4-4.5 hours so perhaps a light breakfast or even a light dinner of strawberries is a good idea. Just don't reach for the cream!

Peaches N Cream by Snoop Dogg

peaches, wether sweet as honey (sweet fruit) or not (acidic fruit) shouldn't be mixed with cream (a fatty dairy product). I rest my case!

Watermelon in Easter Day Frank Zappa

The sweet solos of Mr Zappa will soothe any jiujitsu injury, I'm sure.

I don't know where you live so if watermelon is in season around Easter time where you live then sure, go for it. Watermelon juice is a very welcome and popular part of the Gracie diet but they make a big deal of consuming it only when in season (summer). During the winter, a lovely alternative is grape juice:

There you have it. These are my select song titles that violate the food combinations allowed within the Gracie Diet. I'd love to hear your song titles. Drop me a line or leave a comment.

Enjoy your weekend.



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ovbal said...

Hehehe pretty funny!

Liam H Wandi said...

Thanks! It was intended that way and I got an email from Rener agreeing it IS funny!