BJJ gi review: Scramble - The Godfather

The Godfather BJJ Kimono from Scramble.

Officially licensed, this gi features a 550gsm pearl weave top and 12oz cotton twill pants. Prints of The Godfather himself, Don Vito Corleone, adorn the inside of the gi.

"The Godfather is one of the greatest films of all time, and we've tried to immortalise it in gi form for jiu jitsu practitioners around the world." 

"Give me that gi!"
Nothing that's introduced like that can be anything less than epic! Prepare for a gorgeous stylistic ride!

The Godfather (TM (C) 2015 Paramount Pictures, all rights reserved) is the latest gi by the design geniuses down at Scramble. It's a 550 GSM Pearl Weave made of 12 oz twill cotton.

"So, Liam, about you giving me that gi..."
Yes it's officially licensed with all Godfather branding.

Yes it carries authentic Paramount Godfather artwork.

Distance management in the closed guard
Yes it's black, white and red.

I claim this arm
The colour scheme screams jiujitsu:

"Decorated inside and out with variety of authentic artwork by Scramble x The Godfather. Since Don Corleone is a classy and sophisticate man, this kimono's exterior nearly resembles a black suit the Don himself might wear."

The team at Scramble sent me an A2 gi. The jacket measurements after 4 washes at 30 degrees are as follows:

Span 165 cm
Height 80 cm
Width 58 cm
Cuff 16 cm

Outside 102 cm
Inside 77 cm
Cuff 23 cm
Waist 54 cm

Sleeve cuff

Inside gi jacket

Lapel corner

Inside the jacket in the middle

The Don - inside the gi sleeve near the shoulder

Back of the gi jacket near the neck

Scramble branding

Black on Black

Batch no.1

In case you weren't sure of the theme!
Black - White - Red

The Don - inside the gi sleeve near the shoulder
The Trousers:


Hip branding

All rights reserved.

Lots of attention to detail!

Hip side reinforcements

Ankle cuff

If the Don did armbars, he'd've been wearing this!

Are you in love yet?


This gi is guaranteed to make your armlocks
from guard at least 37.5% better!
I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this gi for so many reasons:

It's very comfortable to train and roll in

It's cut beautifully for someone my size and height (177 cm and 85 kg of pure beef!)

The embroidery is to the highest quality I've seen so far

The stylistic details are very well thought out. Scramble really did their homework.

They say "less is more", but this is just right.

At the time of writing this, the IBJJF allows competitors to wear gis in the colours, white, royal blue and black so you can represent if you so choose. Which brings me to my only gripe with the gi.

My opinion, and mine alone, but I feel the gi looks amazing thanks to the black, which and red colour scheme.

I think it'd look great with a classic jiujitsu black belt with a red bar and two white professor stripes on it.

I keep telling myself that it looks good with my brown belt, but mainly because I'm in love with the gi. Deep down inside, I can't stop thinking that brown, purple, blue and white all clash a little with the black-red-white colour scheme.

I do, however, believe that Scramble could release a limited batch where the embroidery colours are white, blue, purple or brown instead of the red.

Again, I know I'm nitpicking, but that's only because they've produced a practically perfect gi and there's nothing else to complain about.



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