BJJ Tips: Opening the Closed Guard - a Gracie Humaita approach
In a recent post, I showcased the way my teacher Mr Eddie Kone passes the closed guard over the legs. A lot of people read, watched and liked that article and the video that came with it. Many, however asked questions regarding the way Eddie opens the guard, especially how to deal with an opponent who grips the lapel and sleeve, which is a very typical scenario in jiujitsu gi competition.

Eddie put together this quick video where I act as the training partner:

How to Open the Closed Guard:

As soon as Eddie started explaining, I was quickly reminded of a famous Royler Gracie black belt and a huge inspiration of mine: Mr Saulo Ribiero:

The two approaches are practically identical, which isn't strange, as both Eddie and Saulo are students of master Royler Gracie:

Keep the legacy alive.


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