BJJ Gi review: White Progress M6 Jiujitsu

Progress Jiujitsu is a relative newcomer on the UK gi scene. Here you will find a nice interview by Meerkatsu's Seymour Yang with the founder of Progress Jiujitsu Mr James Tighe. While you're at it, check my interview with the man with the usual Part Time Grappler twist.

Having lived in the Northwest (Manchester) of England for over 10 years, I came in contact with Progress BJJ sponsored athletes regularly and they all seemed very happy with the products. Here's a nice "Progress BJJ introduces" promo video with my friend David Minto:

Considering the plethora of companies out there, I was intrigued and after my interview with James, we decided that I should review his white gi for the blog.

Trouser embroidery

Small hip patch

Rows upon rows of enforcement

Shoulder embroidery

Minimalist style features

Out of the bag:

Wing span: 170 cm
Jacket length: 79 cm
Jacket width: 62 cm
Wrist cuff: 16 cm

Waist width: 60 cm
Outside leg length: 99 cm
Inside leg length: 70 cm
Ankle cuff: 23 cm

Weight: 1.4kg!

After a couple of months of usage and washage:

Wing span: 163 cm (-7cm)
Jacket length: 79 cm (=)
Jacket width: 59 cm (-3cm)
Wrist cuff: 16 cm (=)

Waist width: 56 cm (-4 cm)
Outside leg length: 96 cm (-3 cm)
Inside leg length: 68 cm (-2 cm)
Ankle cuff: 22.5 cm (-0.5 cm)

Out of the bag

As you can see, the sleeves were a bit long out of the bag

With Antony Chahal at New School BJJ in Battersea, London.

This is a beautiful and well-tailored gi. The sleeves were a tad long on me so after the 7cm shrinkage they fit me perfectly. Here I am wearing it the Nova Uniao legends Robson Moura, Gustavo Dantas and Vitor "Shaolin" Ribiero:

I managed to look go standing next to a legend!
With the BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas
The gi is almost as bright as Shaolin's smile
The gi arrived in a nice and stylish white fabric bag

The gi itself is wrapped in plastic

It's light (my A2 weighs no more that 1.4kg) and designed for an athletic fit. It's fully IBJJF competition legal too, but doesn't have a comp-gi feel to it. It's very comfortable.

The tailoring, soft material and minimalist style (not to mention price tag) quickly made this gi my favourite gi to wear to training. 

I'd like to thank the team at Progress Jiujitsu for producing this gorgeous product. 



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