Bjj / grappling/ MMA Tips: recover faster between sessions with these 4 tips

I recently read an online article on recovery between sessions and I thought it did an OK job of telling you what's important but still left much to the imagination with regards to immediate steps to take so here goes my version:

The best ways to recover faster between jiujitsu sessions:

1 – Stretch your muscles and decompress your spine 

Have a post-session routine and stick to it. This doesn't need to be complicated nor take a long time. A good start is to do the following three stretches religiously after every session:

a. Downward dog: this will work your back chain (calves, hamstrings, spine...etc) for 1-2 minutes 

b. Upward dog: front chain. 30 seconds

c. Triangle: sides. 1 minute each. 

d. Twists: spine decompression. 30 seconds each way. 

That's 4-5 minutes. Done. 

2- Drink water. Lots!

Drink water throughout the day. Also, drink at least a 500ml bottle of water straight after training (before you've even left the academy) then work you way through another bottle on your way home. 

Avoid plastic bottles if you can

 3- Food and supplements for optimal recovery 

Find what works for you and your training / life demands. I only use fish oil (see below), zinc, bran for extra fiber, protein bars and powder for quick and easily digestible meals sometimes (rarely, actually) and a daily dose of creatine (5grams). Click here and here to see two earlier posts of mine on using creatine for recovery between jiujitsu sessions.

Where to start? Have a small amount of easily digestible carbs and protein such as some nuts, banana or a simple sandwich straight after your training session and note the difference it makes in your recovery. 

4- Have a great night's sleep 

We tear the body during the day and re-build it during rest, especially sleep. Do whatever it takes to ensure a good night's sleep: Check this excellent article on the subject. ENGINEERING THE PERFECT SLEEP: 10 STEPS TO FOLLOW TONIGHT

Also, consume some high quality antioxidants before and after your night's sleep. I use the best quality fish oil supplements I can afford and I've noticed a huge difference. 

The above 4 points are what I consider the basics of recovery. Don't fool yourself with quick fixes. Start with these 4 and recover better between your jiujitsu sessions.

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