BJJ Seminar: Carlson Gracie Black Belt Marcos ‘Parrumpa’ da Matta

I recently had the pleasure to attend a seminar with Marcos ‘Parrumpa’ da Matta. Parrumpa is a 4th degree black belt in jiujitsu from the Carlson Gracie Sr lineage and an important figure in the modern history of jiujitsu and MMA household name: American Top Team.

The seminar was held at Parrumpa's affiliate, Union BJJ, in central Manchester. John Dang, Parrumpa's student and representative is an old friend of mine who is also the man behind the IdeePure soapbar company I reviewed recently.

Parrumpa covered a variety of topics, but with a very clear and pedagogic progression. We started with stand up techniques and progressed all the way to the ground, finishing with two back takes and chokes from each. The extra details he showed to set the choke were worth gold.

His delivery style is very smooth and easy to follow along, as you'd expect from a well experienced instructor based in an English speaking country. The Q&A section at the end was an excellent opportunity for me to pick the brains of a champion jiujitsu competitor and coach. I will be writing many future articles based on the concepts Parrumpa shared during the seminar, not to mention my interview with him, rich with advice and old school stories about grand master Carlson Gracie Sr..

The following day, Parrumpa held a special session for Union BJJ students and three members where awarded brand new blue belts in addition to a host of stripes. Many congrats on the promotion.



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