BJJ Tip: Saulo Ribeiro shows his attacks from mount: Cross choke and armbar

You go to the gym to learn, not to compete. Grappling/BJJ has a series of positions and the fastest way to get good is to immerse yourself in the "map" that is grappling. You need to visit all the locations and familiarize yourself with the neighbourhoods. I know that many grapplers give this advice but they usually refer to starting in disadvantageous positions (working escapes...etc.), which is very sound advice indeed.

What I’m referring to however is giving EVERY POSITION a chance. Are you decent from side control top but you often get bucked up from mount? Are your gi chokes miles better than your arm bars? Make a commitment to shelve what your good at for a couple of months and exclusively work on what you feel is shaky, but don’t see it as a chore!

In this clip, one of the best jiujitsu fighters and teachers Saulo Ribeiro shows us his secrets to attacking with the double attack (cross choke and the arm lock) from the mounted position:

Remember why we are in this game. It’s because we love it. Look at working your weaknesses as a fantastic opportunity to tighten your game but also as a gift to your partners to sharpen their counters. Or as every great jiujitsu coach / instructor I have ever met and learnt from says: Enjoy the process!



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