BJ Penn: Jiujitsu and MMA phenom

Photo borrowed from RVCA

BJ Penn. I say it again. BJ Penn.

A legend in MMA and BJJ retired recently from the UFC octagon. The first time I saw a live UFC event was a few years back up in Newcastle where BJ Penn destroyed Joe Stevenson with superior body positioning and strikes. 

BJ Penn's emotional retirement speech:

I knew a bit about BJ's meteoric rise to jiujitsu fame (getting a black belt in around three years and then becoming the first non Brazilian to win the mundial at black belt) so I was already excited to see the fights and boy did he deliver!

BJ Penn and his brother jiujitsu black belt Reagan Penn sparring:

Having such a strong heritage and success in the cage, BJ Penn's take on jiujitsu always struck me as simple, direct and old school and I'm all about the old school. BJ's jiujitsu 101 and NoGi 101 are indeed a great testimony to the directness of his jiujitsu. 

BJ Penn 101 no gi:

"This is the base of everything. Advanced Basics: That's what I call my style!" BJ Penn

Jiujitsu is huge. There's so much to learn but we have a limited amount of time, especially as part time grapplers, so having a Jiujitsu 101 is worth gold. Invest time in these drills and everything you do from there on will benefit too.



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