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Hemp Sensation by Submission FC
Disclaimer: The former Hemp Sensation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi by Submission FightCo is NOT made out of hemp. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably know that.

It is, however, a nice BJJ gi. In short, the gi is a very lovely looking gi made from a super-soft concoction of cotton and polyester. The inside of the gi has multiple reinforcements to handle the toil of jiujitsu and grappling so it's going to be very sturdy without being heavy, but having said that, some BJJ players might not like all the extra pieces and prefer a single piece jacket. Horses for courses I suppose. You can buy the soft and sturdy, re-branded "Sensation" here.

Hemp Sensation by Submission FC by my trusted friend Mr Don Barr: Full Review:

Hey good lookin'

The look of the Submission Fightwear Hemp Sensation Gi

The gi is mildly blingy in an understated way. The dark green contrast stitching on the jacket and pants looks good without being too loud, and the Submission branding across the shoulders is fairly low-key in comparison to a lot of the gis currently on the market. I really like the look of the gi, and I think it looks a lot better in person than the online photos I have seen.

Rope and hoops 

Knee reinforcements

The “Hemp Controversy”

“Hemp Sensation” is embroidered both on the front and back of the jacket as well as the pants. I was aware of the controversy surrounding this particular model which in retrospect should perhaps have been called “Cotton Polyester Sensation”. People are obviously interested in hemp as a material – normally if I wear a new gi two or three people will say something like “nice gi” and ask how I’m finding it. In this instance everybody asked the same question – “is that a hemp gi?” – which lead to three almost identical conversations where I briefly explained that is wasn’t.

Ankle cuff reinfrcements

Groin reinforcement

The cut and fit of the gi

The jacket is more of a snug fit than a typical A2, but only slightly. The pants are quite roomy on the other hand. The sleeves and pant length are slightly shorter than other A2 gis I have worn. I’m 5’9 and 70 kilos, and this gi fit me very well. If you have long spindly limbs for an A2 wearer this might be a problem in terms of competition legality, but if like me you sometimes end up wishing the pants and sleeves were a couple of cm shorter then this gi should work pretty well for you.

Sleeve cuff reinforcements

Gi Jacket

Armpit reinforcement

Side Vent Reinforcements

The feel of the gi:

I should say that I always wear a rash-guard underneath, so I can’t report on how abrasive or not the jacket is after an hour of rolling. That being said, this feels like a well-made, sturdy gi and the quality of construction and stitching seems high. Admittedly at the time of writing I’ve only worn it for three weeks but so far it seems pretty solid. It’s great to roll in, and feels light and comfortable.

Very neat and high quality embroidery

Shoulder branding


Wing Span : 160 cm (63 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 15 cm (6 inch)
Jacket Length: 81 cm (32 inch)
Jacket Width: 56 cm (22 inch)

Waist Width: 56 cm (22 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 92 cm (36 inch)
Inside LM: 66 cm (26 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 23 cm (9 inch)

After 5 washes at 30 degrees:

Wing Span : 160 cm (63 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 15 cm (6 inch)
Jacket Length: 77 cm (30 inch)
Jacket Width:  54 cm (21 inch)

Waist Width: 54 cm (21 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 92 cm (36 inch)
Inside LM: 64 cm (25 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 23 cm (9 inch)

So hardly anything really. This is important because at $160 / £95 you don't want to buy a BJJ gi that fits perfectly out of the bag then shrinks massively! Luckily, this is not a problem with the Sensation.

I've also conducted an interview with the owner of Submission FC about the whole Hemp issue, where he gives his side of the story. I will publish this interview in the very near future.

I'd like to thank Submission FC for sending me the gi to review and my trusted friend Mr Don Barr for taking the time to write the review.


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