BJJ / Grappling Tips: Side Control submissions - Arm bar, Kimura, Choke!

Side Control Attacks in BJJ / submission grappling is an area that I've had a lot of interest in over the past few months. There are many ways to hold someone down from side control: 100 kilos, scarf hold, modified scarf, modified side control (where your north arm is past their head and your south hand is preventing the re-guard) are a few.

Demonstrating modified scarf hold with my friend Martyn,
head instructor at CFS Manchester, from when SlideyFoot visited
back in 2010

The latter, modified side control, in particular has a wealth of attacks. Here are a few that I quite fancy linking into attack chains:

Stephen "Pesadelo" Hall Instructs on the BJJ Paper Cutter Choke (aka Bread Cutter or "Espinha de peixe" in Portuguese, meaning Fish Bone)

Jena Bishop, Champion black belt from Gracie Humaita under Royler Gracie shows us her details on the choke / armbar combination attack from Side Control

Finally, attacking the far arm from the North South position, my friend Marshal Carper investigates the ultimate control that leads to the Kimura and / or the North South "aka Monson" choke:

In less than a total of 20 minutes, watching these excellent tutorials will make your attachs from side control much better and tighter.



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