BJJ / Grappling tips: How to defend against the Darce choke

The latest Metamoris III event was a great event full of submission threats and excitement. One that caught my eyes was Babalu's Darce attacks against Dean Lister which he, successfully, defended.

Renzo Gracie 3rd degree black belt Joe D'Arce,
the man behind the famous arm triangle choke

I love defence, especially technical and intelligent defence. I've included below a few technical tips by some high level black belts on how to prevent and defend the Darce choke.

Veteran JKD teacher and BJJ black belt Burton Richardson show how to prevent the Darce Choke from half guard bottom:

In this clip, 3rd degree Brazilian Top Team black belt Juliano Prado shows how to defend against the Darce choke when it happens then follow thru to a shoulder submission:

but the most beautiful level of jiujitsu is knowing what might happen and taking advantage of it. In this next video, Pedro Sauer black belt John Carlquist anticipates the arm thread that leads to the Darce early and uses it to sweep his opponent.

I hope you like these three options.


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