BJJ Amsterdam - Academy Visit to Rickson Gracie Representative, Black Belt Raoul Hiwat

Rickson & Kron Gracie Amsterdam is tucked away in the gym hall of a school in central Amsterdam. With it being my birthday last weekend, my wife asked where I wanted to go and my choices were Amsterdam or Barcelona. Having been to Barca recently, Amsterdam won, and it won well!

Other than all the fantastic merriment of drinks, food and what not in the gorgeous place that is Amsterdam, I contacted my friend Raoul Hiwat, Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt under Rickson and Kron, and asked if I could book a private session with him. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite time that right, but I was kindly invited to the group class which was nothing short of fantastic! Raoul's level of detailed knowledge of his master's trade is very deep. His "invisible" jiujitsu was very tangible. 

The walk to the academy. Such a gorgeous city.

Connection in the stand-up phase.
Notice the upright posture.

Posture break followed by hip throw 

Hip connection and postural counter to the hip throw

If they stand, make it as difficult as possible to stand in good posture 
If they stand in bad posture, punish them with armbars...

...and sweeps

 But here's the secret posture alignment detail to counter
the double ankle sweep. With, or without, gripping
the gi

With my man Raoul.

Jiujitsu Group Photo! Why are these never taken BEFORE all the sweating?
Walking back after training in the beautiful
You can walk into a shop and refresh yourself
with Acai juice.
I'd like to thank Raoul and everyone at Rickson & Kron Gracie Amsterdam for having me and making me feel so welcome. I recommend you all to pay them a visit. Classes are taught in both Dutch and English and with it being Holland, everyone's level of English is superb, even though that meant I didn't practice much of my rudimentary Dutch.

Tot ziens.



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