BJJ tips: Using the belt or the tip of the gi jacket in passing the half guard pass

Almost 4 years ago I made this short video on a method of using the opponent's belt (or tip of the gi jacket for that matter) to trap the arm and facilitate the half guard pass:

It's simply a method to create a leverage that immobilizes the opponent’s top arm in half guard, affording you more time to work your guard pass to side control. 

The inspiration to this move is Sensei Kashiwazaki’s gem of a Judo book: Osaekomi 

A great follow-up passing method from here is the Half Guard Reverse sit. Check it out below as demonstrated by Jeremy Arel from Great Grappling: 

Great Grappling is a school owned and run by black belt Jeremy Arel. Jeremy is a black belt under the legendary Roberto "Gordo" Correa and is one of only two Americans to receive their black belt from Gordo. 



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