BJJ Review: Patch Your Gi

Patch Your Gi

 Pros: Super detailed job, very fast and very reasonably priced (You can get patches for less than $5 per patch!)
 Cons: The website mixes centimetre measurements with American Dollar pricing which confused me a little. Can't really think of anything else really. Then again, I haven't used any other patch printing services :)

I was contacted by Kiril and team behind my sponsor Brutal TShirt about their sister company Patch Your GiTM, asking if I wanted to review their products and services. This was very exciting and I wanted to jump at the opportunity but I didn't have a patch design to produce*. Kiril was eager to get the services reviewed so he volunteered to create a patch for me and then print it to see what I thought of the quality and I tell you I wasn't disappointed!

The patches arrived in a timely manner and the production quality was second to none I have seen. I remember discussing the Patch Your Gi idea with Kiril's instructor and my friend Mr Christian Graugart** when he visited the UK not too long ago and his immediate words were: "These guys are unstoppable! They are very hard working and I really don't think there's a limit to what they can achieve!" and he was right.

Here are a few pictures of the pieces they sent me (plus a few I stole from their portfolio) and a quick link to their pricing page. For the UK based readers, I've translated the prices and sizes into pounds and inches. I hope this helps.

Size: 25x25cm  = 9.8 inches x 9.9 inches

# of patches
Total (inc. p&p)
Cost Per Patch

Once again, I couldn't recommend these guys any more. Very nice product, great prices and very timely delivery.

*Well, that's a small fib. I was in the middle of rebranding. I got my new logo designed by a wonderful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wizard of the brush. It's ready now and I will be unveiling the final work very soon. So exciting!
**Here's my interview with Christian from that time.



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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