BJJ / Grappling tips: Fixing the Most Common Armbar Mistakes

Hip movement is the heart and soul of Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling in general. When trying to lock a submission such as the triangle or the armbar or even the triangle armbar (serious ninja mystery!) then the most important factor for success is getting your engine (the hips) aligned to the joint you're trying to attack (the elbow (armbar) / the neck (triangle))
When attacking with an armbar from guard, use the foot on the hip
to align your hips with the elbow you're attacking

Question: Where does red in the second picture need to move the hips to put on a triangle-armbar?

Answer: You're hips are always chasing the joint you're trying to break, in this case the elbow, so to his / her left.

If you're countering the posturing escape against the triangle choke with
an armbar, it's very important to move your hips out and align them with
the elbow you're attacking

In the first instance, get your foot on the hip, or on the mat if you have long legs. That's not the main issue. Why you put the foot down is. You put it down so you can: chase the elbow, both by rotating but more importantly to bridge your hips up into the armpit to trap the elbow, while the second leg climbs and clamps on their back. Which way do you move your hips? You chase the elbow. If it's their right arm you've trapped, you scoot your hips to their right (your left) and both align yourself behind the elbow and make sure it’s high on your body and not almost out past your groin.

Always chase the elbow, or whichever joint you’re trying to lock. Everything else should fall into place from there.

I will leave you an excellent video from Mr Stephan Kesting on correcting arm bar mistakes:



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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