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 93 Brand is a new American fight apparel company. They real seem to have done their homework though as the gi is both beautiful, aesthetically designed and seems very sturdy. It's light enough to train in and do local comps in but as it's grey, it's not IBJJF legal.

Grey Goose gi by Brand 93

Disclosure and cost:
The fantastic guys at sent me this gi to review. sell the 93 Brand Goose gi for $139.99 which works out to around £92. 

Gi Review:
The first thing that hits you with the Grey Goose gi is, you guessed it, the grey colour. It's so beautiful. The first time I ever saw a grey gi was when Seymour (Meerkatsu) invited me to help out with the Design Your Own BJJ Gi competition which was won by Mr Evan Mannweiler with the Pin Up Gi.

The second thing that struck me was how light it is. The gi arrived in a see-thru buttoned-up plastic bag which I carried from the Parcel Force depot to the gym and it felt lighter than carrying a big book. In fact, when I got home, I weighed myself holding the gi then weighed myself holding Saulo's Jiu Jitsu University and I weighed the same. The gi weighs approximately 1.7 kg :)

Thirdly, it's full of white details and contrast stitching. The crotch, for example, is white. Shiny!.

Never mind red belt, I have a red chair!
Drawstring and loopy loops

Beyond the grey / white flash and dash, there is a nice big fat patch on the bum:

and a couple of patches on the sleeves

and very tasteful seam tape inside the cuffs and along the inside of the skirt

Nice contrast stitching

The gi pants are light but very sturdy

The weave, if that interests you, is advertised as a pearl weave but to you and I, that basically means a tightly woven single weave. Translation: light yet sturdy.

This is not the heavy and warm gi you might get from a Gameness Premium Gi that will keep you warm rolling on a cold evening in Northern Europe nor the super feather of a Kauai best suited for training BJJ around the world, but rather something of an in between. Elegance and sturdiness for everyday training.
The gi I was sent is an A2, measurements below: 

Wing Span : 171 cm (67 1/3 inch)
Wrist Cuff: 17 cm (7 inch)
Jacket Length: 79 cm (31 inch)
Jacket Width: 65 cm (25 1/2 inch)

Waist Width: 57 cm (22 1/2 inch)
Outside Leg Measurement: 98 cm (38 1/2 inch)
Inside LM: 70 cm (27 1/2 inch)
Ankle Cuff: 22 1/2 cm (9 inch)

Probably the simplest Gi Map you've ever seen :)
 What's really nice is that what you see is what you get in terms of shrinkage. It doesn't shrink much from the original shape. 

The general fit of the gi is a tad on the generous side, but I am on the huskey side (85kg of pure muscle or 187 1/2 lb, 1.76 m or 5ft 9Inch) so it fits me better than perhaps a skinnier person of my height.
Remember, it doesn't shrink much so if you're skinny, expect it to remain a bit baggy.

Here are some brief info tidbits from the
  • Comfortable Pearl Weave jacket
  • Grey fabric with white stitching and minimal embroideries
  • 12 oz cotton pants
  • Extended knee reinforcements (all the way to hem)
  • Cord style drawstring and additional loops
  • Sturdy collar and heavy reinforcements
  • 93 Brand has what we've been looking for... A functional kimono that looks unique yet not over-the-top in terms of patches and color schemes. Well their Classic Grey BJJ Gi has looks to kill and meets the highest standard of construction and functionality.
  • Pearl weave jacket with an EVA foam collar and custom interior taping along the skirt and lapel. 12 oz. cotton pants with reinforcements that extend to the bottom hem, strengthening the shin area that's normally thin on most Gi pants.
  • This beautiful grey fabric is highlight with white stitching and trim, giving a unique but tasteful look. The jacket has only two embroideries: the simple "93" logo sewn into the arms. On the seat of the pants there's a patch that remains relatively unseen and hidden under the jacket skirt until you start rolling around on the mats. Overall a very solid release from 93 Brand, with a great price tag and awesome comfort, durability, and aesthetic.

In short? Fricking awesome...for me and my (husky) body type and since it's not going to be my first option for competitions, I'm making it my Omni-patch gi:



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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