BJJ Review: Grip Trainers from Scramble Stuff

Scramble make a lot of really cool grappling and BJJ related shizzle. From gis to rash guards, from shorts to spats and now: Scramble Grip Trainers.

The grip breaking article (with the super tips from Olympic judoka and my judo instructor Sophie Cox) I posted not too long ago has already caught lots of attention so this equipment review sits in nicely.

 Bruce Lee once said: "Buy stuff made by Scramble!".

 No he didn't. He did however say "You want to learn how to punch? Punch. You want to learn how to kick? kick!" and I think he would have extended that to: "You want to have monster gi gripping ability? Grip a gi!"

 The chaps at Scramble sent me these fantastic pieces of equipment and I put them immediately to the test but since I don't really compete much, I thought I'd let the proper review come from someone who was about to embark upon a big competition and I shared them with Mr Mike Woodhall.

Mike is not only a qualified personal trainer so he knows exactly what he's doing in the strength and conditioning room, but he was preparing for the Midland Open where he, yesterday, got himself a nice shiny piece of bling in the form of a Silver Medal.

 Here's Mike's review of Scramble's Grip Trainers:

The first use that comes to mind is to simply
grab and pull

 Grip is one of the most over looked ingredients to overall strength. From carrying shopping bags, hitting some deadlifts without straps OR holding on to that vital gi choke longer than your fingers ever imagined they could. I don’t do the shopping and I use straps to deadlift. I will leave you to guess why I have been including more grip training over the past few months in my strength and conditioning sessions.

It's all about the spider guard grips!
 Most people have heard of gi pull ups, throw an old gi over a bar and grab the collar and get going. You get the concept, all one way, all too rigid. When I got my hands on to the Scramble grip trainers I was like a kid in a candy shop, wrapping them on kettle bells, barbells and the pull up bar. Shortly after I was stood there blowing my fingers, trying to relieve that extreme pain you may remember from the first time somebody ripped your grip off their collar. Needless to say they are definitely fit for purpose.

Put the kettle on!

 The Scramble grip trainers are light, versatile and adaptable. The open ended sleeve wraps around and through the attached loop to secure on to a majority of gym equipment, you can get very creative with what you attach these to. The quality of the material feels better than some gis I have grabbed on to and one of the two sleeves on its own has no problem in supporting a persons weight. The inside lining of the sleeves and scramble patch show there has been more thought put into these than just chopping loose ends of old gi tops.


Bent over rows

So, for that essential grip training you could go and get an old gi top (providing you have one) or do as some people like to and use a towel for pull ups. For the affordability I would say get some Scramble grip trainers! They can be stored effortlessly in your gym bag to utilise in your quest for that monster grip that is just sometimes needed in life."

I'd like to thank Scramble Stuff for sending me this cool piece of BJJ equipment and Mr Mike Woodhall for taking the time to use and review it.



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Sophie.C said...

Nice review! These look like the bomb :)!!

Liam H Wandi said...

Yes Sophie they really are fantastic. Very versatile and sturdy!

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