BJJ / Grappling Supplements: GLC2000 and BJJ update

A week ago, I mentioned that the hard jiu jitsu sessions we do at The Labs were leaving my muscles sore and some of my joints a little sore too. I also mentioned that I had, coincidently, just received my first tub of GLC2000 . GLC2000 is a market leader in high-end cartilage and joint formulae which I first saw in my first copy of Ultimate Grappling Magazine. I said I'd try to report on the results of the product as regularly as I can so here it goes.

First, to re-iterate, my main joint issues from martial arts (karate and BJJ / Grappling) are:

Sore fingers / knuckles
Sore neck
"Tired" shoulder / rotator cuff muscles - tender tendons
Achy ribs, near the false ribs (lower rib cage)
Sore knees
Sore toes and ball of foot

I put GLC2000 (which is 4 types of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates combined) to the ultimate test this past week:

1. I trained jiu jitsu (at the Labs, at Mill Hill Jiu Jitsu and at my instructor David Onuma's home dojo) everyday for 6 days in a row, most days for several hours in a row
2. I sparred for hours with everyone from white to black belts
3. I travelled to London, spending hours on a train (something which joints and tired muscles LOVE!)
4. I slept in a bed other than my own bed which my body is more used to
5. I squeezed in two hard weight training sessions

and the verdict? I feel fine. I feel absolutely fine! My joints are not overly achy and my back is doing great and, something I didn't really expect, my skin feels great. Usually when I train a lot (especially in the gi) my skin feels, for the lack of a better word, tired and abrasions and cuts take a while to heal. Not this time!

GLC2000 certainly passed the first test and hurdle. Let's see how the weeks progress.

I'll keep the Part Time Grappler Community updated.

In the meantime, check out this beautiful transformation of a man:



Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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