BJJ / Grappling interview: Kid Peligro

Whether you like BJJ, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Gracie jiu jitsu or MMA, you must have heard the name Kid Peligro.

No one has contributed as much as Kid Peligro to the body of BJJ literature out there and, more recently, BJJ Apps. His book Jiu Jitsu Theory & Technique, featuring Renzo Gracie and Royler Gracie is the book that changed the martial arts scene forever. He has spent a lot of time learning from and interacting with the Gracie Family and some of the best BJJ competitors out there. Kid was kind enough to take the time and answer my interview questions.

Hello. Why don’t we start by you telling us a little about yourself?
My pen name is Kid Peligro I am a 3rd degree black belt under Royler Gracie . I write books and do seminars

Are you currently working? Is that Full time / Part time?
Working on a few projects: ebooks and iphone instructional apps

You also set aside time to practice a sport. 
Yes I train BJJ and surfing. BJJ for almost 20 years surfing for much longer

Have you competed much?
Not really too young for that :) (Liam's note: Well, his name is Kid!)

Do you feel that you have to compete to get a black belt in jiu jitsu?
No but it does help. Competition training helps you move forward more quickly but I don't believe it is a "must do"

Do you follow any special diet? Do you use any dietary supplements?
I eat very clean and try not to mix some foods like the Gracies and try not to eat lots of fat or meat. I take vitamins

How do you manage to fit your training around work, study and family time?
When you have to do things you just find time no matter what!

What is the greatest thrill you have gotten out of practicing your sport?
Training is a great thrill on itself also doing books and apps and hearing people tell me how much that has helped them is great

Give us your top tips for time-management (to fit exercise around life)
I don't have a list but motivation and just starting to do the things you need to do always help

Now let’s balance that with what you consider the top time-thieves.
Lack of motivation and procrastination. If you wait until you "feel like" doing something you'll most likely never do

Do you feel that there is a difference in style of jiu jitsu from academy to academy? What do you think is the reason behind that?
Yes there definitely is a style difference between academies. That is largely because instructors are human and they each have a different take on the art

Do you have any regrets?
None, I love where I am and what I've done in life

Finally, why do you train? What drives you?
I like training, I like to challenge my brain and learn something new about myself and about techniques each time

Once again, I thank Kid for his time and I look forward to having him on the Part Time Grappler blog more in the future


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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