BJJ Branding: Logos and patch design

I studied social marketing* as part of my university degree as marketing and branding always been a passion and in interest of mine. Symbolism is a beautiful and captivating subject and it's easy to get lost and absorbed in possible meanings of shapes and colours, no less so in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (well, Martial Arts in general). Since starting jiu jitsu, anything that looks like a triangle or a letter "G" will catch my eye just like I was addicted to kanji back in my Karate days.

My old karate school's crest.

I know I'm not alone in this. We become logo hunters. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with shapes, colours and symbols and our eyes and brains have to make sense of it all. I catch myself staring a little too hard and practically testing people's patience but I guess if you don't want the attention maybe don't wear a TapOut top :)

OK Hostel was hardly a great movie
but  the tattoo is very memorable!

At the moment, we are looking at our logo at the Labs so my eyes are extra curious. I asked Martyn for a design brief (which will remain secret!) and that was the basis for this research. I'm not a decision maker on this matter but rather I'm putting together ideas and moodboards that match what he asked for so here are some shapes I've really enjoyed recently. I wonder what you guys think.

A simplification of the current logo

A playful version

You need a BJJ belt!

These flowed directly from Martyn's request.
I like the simplicity and instant connection you form with the shape.

The first three were less discrete and
more in-ya-face-this-is-what-we-do.

Zen meet futuristic = Yoda!!!

I don't have access to any serious photoshopping software and I leave the actual design to the pros like Meerkatsu and co. My thing is marketing and branding. I leave the real hard work to the geniuses :)

*Social marketing is the marketing of a behaviour rather than a product per se (e.g. safe sex, exercise, smoking cessation, getting your balls / boobs checked for tumours... etc.)


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Meerkatsu said...

Hey I don't know anything, I just doodle a cow or something and miraculously they buy it, amazing!
I say go with your rat artwork :)

Liam H Wandi said...

Well here is the result :)