BJJ Tips: IBJJF competition rules & illegal submissions

When competing in BJJ it is vital to understand the rules of the event. As more and more events are adapting the IBJJF rules and since two of my friends and team mates are competing at the upcoming British Open this weekend, I thought I'd look at what's allowed for white, blue, purple, brown and black belts submission wise.

If you scroll down the IBJJF rules document to the page were penalties are outlined, you get a breakdown of what is allowed for which BJJ belt. See the screenshot below*

But that doesn't really look very simple and straight forward, at least not to a slow fella like me so I decided to flip it around (chart screenshot below):

I simply moved the lines around so the progression of submissions allowed flows better (the green ones are allowed for all competitors from age 16 and above and so on)**

Chokes, armbars, shoulder locks and straight footlocks (which I seem to have put in twich!) should form the meat of everyone's training.

The next step is to tailor your BJJ competition prep training*** around what's allowed vs not allowed in your belt category****. It makes little sense to spend the last 3 weeks before a competition getting really good at finishing knee-bars if they are not even allowed at your belt level.

*I doubt there are any illegal straight armbars which is probably why they don't feature
**And added armbars, and omitted kids rules as we don't have any at the Labs - Fighting Fit Manchester.
***Obviously when/if you are NOT preparing for an event feel free to diversify your training. Follow your bliss.
****A similar argument can be made for training within the margins of your competition weight category (± 5-10kg). More on that in a post coming really soon.


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