BJJ / MMA Motivation: The Passion of Pioneers and the Origins of Vale Tudo

I don't really follow MMA, but this motivational video really caught me off guard. Also, I miss PRIDE.

Vale Tudo is the parent of modern day MMA but Vajramushti could be the great grand parent of Vale Tudo.

I think what the above motivational video did was remind me of the passion that pioneers have for their chosen field.

John B Will is one such man. To learn Karate, he travelled to Japan. To learn Silat, he lived in Indonesia. To learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Vale Tudo, he travelled to Brazil and the US. He took private classes from Helio Gracie. He learned directly from the Machado brothers. He invested in his passion and craft.

In this article on GrappleArts.Com, you can read about John's travels to the origin of one of the oldest forms of free fight, all the way in India.

It is this passion that really shone thru when I spoke to him during last year's seminar at Factory BJJ and it is this passion (and, undeniably, knowledge) that I hope you all join me in sharing on the 5th of May.

Click here to read John's Bio and reserve your spot for John B Will's seminar at Fighting Fit Manchester.

But hurry, we currently only have 15 (at the time of writing) slots left for the seminar. Training with John is a privilege you shouldn't deny yourself so do not miss this opportunity.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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