BJJ seminar: John B Will, head of BJJ Australia, Machado 4th degree black belt and all round awesome fella.


I hope you've launched into the new year, all rockets firing.

I am finalising my April/May seminar trip to the UK.

I understand you may be interested in hosting me for a seminar – which I would love to do – particularly as I met you last year at Adam's place [Factory BJJ].

I would be okay on May the 3rd (Thursday).

(As for material) my first plan for you would be something along these lines:

OMOPLATA – beginning to advanced
We would cover Omoplata basics – getting everyone (beginner to advanced) on the same page in short order – then move onto advanced entries and combinations for Omoplata.

HELIO'S GUARD: Back in 1987 – I had four private lessons with Helio Gracie [the founder of Gracie Jiu Jitsu], in Brazil. He taught me the foundation that he has built his whole guard game on. I can teach these lessons – exactly as he taught me.

STAND-UP: Advanced MMA drill that combines Superman punch – with an ‘angling concept' to set up a double leg shot.

This would work for everyone – regardless of rank or preference.

How does that sound?

I'll wait to hear back from you.



It’s not everyday you read an email like that. It’s not everyday you, as someone interested in BJJ, Submission Grappling or MMA get to touch base with the first person to earn a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in Australia (From the Machado brothers nonetheless!) and went on to establish the largest BJJ organisation outside Brazil. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity to learn techniques that were handed down from the founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helio Gracie himself (not to mention his sons Rickson Gracie and Rorion Gracie), the founder of Goju-kai Karate Gogen Yamaguchi and many legendary teachers of Indonesian Silat (in which he won the world title!) and Muay Thai.

John Will, chillin' with Renzo Gracie like it's nothing!
Having said that: Spending time with John Will is never an “everyday” kinda thing!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading John’s blog over the past few years. It’s always been very inciteful. He talks about BJJ as a walk of life. As a philosophy. As a mentality and a microcosm, but talk – as beautiful as it maybe – is easy. I wanted to know if John walked the walk too. That’s why when I had the opportunity to meet and learn from the 4th degree Machado jiu jitsu black belt I jumped at it and I was not disappointed.

A Teachers' Teacher, when John talks, you listen!

John is a man. He has worked hard on polishing his knowledge and his wisdom. He has pursued his passion in life and chased his dreams. When you are in his company, you feel that you better listen to what he has to share with you. You leave his company inspired to be a better person. A more rounded person.

His BJJ and MMA skills and teaching style are excellent. Practically flawless and why wouldn’t it be? He is eloquent, knowledgable and has done his 10,000 hours of both BJJ, MMA and teaching many times over. Just look at his BJJ / MMA seminar schedule. Put it simply: John Will is an excellent BJJ and MMA teacher because he never took anything for granted and has worked hard at:

-Learning BJJ
-Learning MMA
-Learning how to teach them to people of all levels

I can’t wait for John Will’s seminar at our own gem of a Martial Arts gym: Fighting Fit Manchester. He’ll be instructing on Thursday the 3rd of May 2012. Save the date. I know I will.

"You want to make every session a private? Look the instructor in the eye and ask him a question." John B Will


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Brendan said...

I think if John Will sent me a personal e-mail, I would freak out.

It was like when Royler sent me a personal Facebook message. I just read it six times and didn't move for a minute or two.

Liam H Wandi said...

HA. I know the feeling. The thing is, I met him before the email and knew how approachable he is.

On a side note, I've heard De La Riva is the same. He did a seminar in London where my friend Seymour "Meerkatsu" trains and he was totally blown away by how humble and kind he came across.