BJJ / Grappling takedowns: O Uchi Gari from the pummel

What happens when you take an old school jiu jitsu takedown, which was then honed by judo*, with the pummeling of wrestling (especially Greco Roman wrestling)?

Have a look at the major inside reap throw O uchi gari, demonstrated by a judo legend: Yasuhiro Yamashita

Whisk into that some pummeling work demonstrated by WEC champion Urijah Faber:

What do you get? A kick-ass takedown that is beautifully fnctional for BJJ and NoGi Submission Grappling:

ps. If you want to delve deeper into O Uchi Gari, check out this fantastic study on the throw from


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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graham cooke said...

Happy new year Liam!

Nice post. Did you catch UFC 141 just before NYE? Check out the Jimy Hettes vs Nam Phan fight for some classic Judo takedowns by Hettes (BJJ purple and Judo Brown)... particularly effective use of O Goshi and Ko soto gari!!

The Part Time Grappler said...

Happy New Year to you too Graham. Thanks.

I haven't watched it, but now that you say all this I feel I must catch it!

Gerard Deib, M.D. said...

Hettes BJJ is sick. No way he's a purple belt. He clowned Nam Phan who happens to be a black belt.

graham cooke said...

@Gerard - he's definitely a purple. I'm sure I heard Joe Rogan say it in the commentary. He more than deserves his brown after that performance though.