BJJ / Grappling Product Review: Scramble Athletics Bushido Rash guard

This is a beautiful piece of grappling gear. To top that, it has fantastic product specifications and is produced by passionate people. ScambleStuff is the shizzle.


I got this rash guard from the guys at MMAHQ and my oh my was I happy to receive it. As I opened the packaging I was immediately struck by how yellow the yellow bits were and blue the blue bits were and red...well, you get the point.

Matt Benyon and co at ScrambleStuff really think about the small details and judging from the movies I've seen, I think if Bruce Lee was alive, he'd be wearing a Bushido rashie under his iconic cat suit.

The uniqueness of the product design was the 3/4 sleeves which, according to ScrambleStuff, gives the best of both worlds: maximum protection yet slippery wrists. While I get that, it didn't really factor too much for me. I mainly train in the gi and on the odd occasion I trained nogi in the rashie I couldn't notice a massive difference. Of course if you train nogi more than gi then these differences might become more of a big deal but I personally didn't notice them. Remember, I have short arms and legs for my height so someone with a more lanky build might disagree

If I was a Jiu Jitsu animal, I'd be a T-rex!
I know what you're thinking and yes, I do all my own stunts.

Here's another deal breaker. The rashie is quite thick which I love. I hate flimsy shit. This rashie feels like it's been crafted rather than slap-dash put together like some other cool-looking products out there which was a huge plus until I started worrying about how quickly it'll dry. I live in a flat and I was my rash guards by hand as soon as I get home from the gym. I then let them hang until dry and only then do I put them in the laundry basket so I need my stuff to dripdry rather quickly or they become a problem and I'd be less inclined to use them often...etc. Not so much with my Bushi friend here (see what I did there!). Despite the luxurious thickness, the Bushido Rash guard drip dried overnight! I'm no expert but I'm guessing it has to do with the mysterious world of elastic textiles but I have a thin rashie from the awesome brand Oakley which takes up to twice as long to hang-dry. Major plus!

I'm not going to give more details for two reasons: seasoned product reviewers like Meerkatsu do a much much better job at that and to be honest with you details don't influence my own choice of products* much. I like shiny things, and this Bushido Rashguard by Scramble Athletics is one shiny mofo! go straight to MMAHQ and order yours now. Treat yourself, it's Christmas!

*once I have a product, the details matter and influence whether I will go back and buy a second one or not. If a product disappoint, I learn from it but at first when ordering a product for the first time I'm more of an emotional (rather than rational) buyer.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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Daniel said...

Being a lanky (Scandinavian) guy I must unfortunately say that the 3/4 sleeves becomes 1/2 sleeves. It's a shame I would really have liked them to cover my elbows but my arms are simply to long. So order a larger size then, someone might say, well the problem is that if I were to order a medium instead of a small (as I have now) I'm afraid it would end up having a too loose fit.

But I still love the Bushido rashguard, it feels great and looks even better (the colours are amazing). So I'm considering adapting a british diet (pints and chips) in order to be able to fill out a medium rashguard.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Hi Daniel. Thanks for reading and commenting on the review.

Seymour and I have talked about this many times as he's more the lanky long limbed type and I'm, well I guess the T-Rex illustration tells a story!

Maybe Matt can advise on the small vs medium query?

Now that Christmas is a knockin' you just need to dig into the meatballs, cheese and Janssons frestelse and you should be fine :o)