BJJ Tips: How to become a more effecient grappler? Another application of the Pareto Principle.

We all want to become really good at this enigma that is BJJ, but are we doing all we can to make the best out of our training on the grappling mat? Are we really training as effeciently as we can?

"2500 rand per hour."

That's just under £200 (or $315 for all the American readers). The comment above came as a reply to how much a top of the range lawyer in Cape Town is expected to charge for a consultation. Don't worry, I didn't actually need one when I was there, but I have a good lawyer friend who lives there and she told me this.

How is that relevant to the Pareto principle? If you remember, the Pareto principle roughly says that 80% of the results (good or bad) will come from 20% of the actions and, consequently, the remaining 20% of the consequences will come from the remaining 80%. Translating this into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling terms gives:

1. 80% of your success on the mat is thanks to 20% of your functional grappling knowledge
2. 80% of your grappling struggles and challenges are caused by 20% of all the mistakes you make when rolling

Here is a suggestion:

Irrespective of how much the monthly (or private session, or even seminar) fees are at your BJJ academy or gym, treat every session on the mat the same way: Treat it as if it is a consultation with a top of the range lawyer who will be charging you 2500 rand per hour.

What would you ask your BJJ instructor? What would you want the session to be about? When rolling, what would you focus on working / fixing and how would you make sure you implement the advice given? My suggestion is that you ask him or her how you could:

1. Make your top 20% of grappling weapons better and sharper
2. Fix the 20% of mistakes that are causing you the most problems

For now, sit down and put pen to paper and identify these two categories of BJJ techniques. Let us know how it goes.


Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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