BJJ road trip: Roger Gracie HQ, CFS HQ and Mill Hill BJJ

Damien: We are here in London for a reason! ;)

Training at Royler Gracie black belt Eddie Kone's EKBJJ, training with our CFS head coach David Onuma and finally training with Roger Gracie black belt Nick Brooks at Mill Hill BJJ. That was the plan.

Andy: Did you know that elephants prefer baked beans to jam? FLYING ARMBAR!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we switched from EKBJJ to Roger Gracie's Headquarters in Ladbroke Grove. Training for two hours privately with David Onuma would conclude our Saturday. Sunday saw us training at Mill Hill with Nick and his crew.

Damien never cared much for Jay's robot dance

Damien: Is this our stop? If you lose me in London I WILL die!

The short version of the trip is: it was frikking amazing!

Don: You CAN'T go to Burger King, it's IMMORAL!

I already like the people I was travelling with but this BJJ road trip really affirmed to me that they are top people.

Mike didn't bring a gi. He did, however, bring a floating head

Jay: My stuffed peppers aren't quite stuffed!

Add to that the fact that instructors, family members,

Liam: Hmm... I'm sure I had another suitcase with me!

barmaids, academy staff, taxi drivers,

Louise: You've... You've had 5 custard doughnuts?

and BJJ students who met along the trip were all super nice to us. (Notice I didn't say waiters!)

Liam: Man I love the summer!

It's almost strange to say but they were practically happy to see us. If you are ever in London, make sure you visit Roger Gracie's headquarters and Mill Hill BJJ (links above).

Dis is Hostel ya?!

Louise: What a crazy lot! I'm off shopping.

The long version?

Martyn: I'm hungry! Where are we?

Well, doors getting kicked in, riots in Tottenham, two major underground lines being shut for maintenance,

Mike: "Hello? No, no. Get off the bench. Please get off the bench!"

missreading the online schedule for BJJ classes, travelling around London shlepping lots of luggage, Fullham police and their padlocks,

Tim: No! I do NOT know where everything is in London!

Daniel Strauss making me feel absolutely helpless without even trying much,

Andy: We need to get some mats, put on some gis and just do a BJJ Flashmob at St Pancras train station! FLYING ARMBAR!

hummus being too hummusy, struggling to find a place to have a drink after midnight on a Saturday night and overcrowded trains all aside...I can't wait to do it all again.

Bless you all you wonderful people

Martyn: Voogendelaaagen!

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Meerkatsu said...

Sounds like you had a thoroughly brill time despite the rioting. Sorry I could not be there, but Bournemouth has the pleasure of my company right now.