BJJ gi. I have a Break Point gi that's too big. What shall I do?

I recently bought a BreakPoint gi. It was an A3, way too large for me. It's a beautiful Break Point Gi Light Weight Deluxe Blue .
Do you guys and gals think that, judging from these photos, I should:

1. Try to sell it? (after all, it's never been used. Only wore it once for the photos below)
2. Try to shrink it? (will it lose it's sexy looks and shape?)

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Tree Frog said...

The gi will shrink some after a couple cycles in the dryer. I have a feeling that the top will fit you alright, but the pants will still remain a bit too tall for you.

If you do sell it, I think you should wash and dry it first, so it's already shrunk and won't change much for the future purchaser.

I ended up going with A2 pants and an A3 gi top from Breakpoint. Gave my A2 top away to a grappling friend after it shrank a wee bit too much post-wash cycle. Excellent gi.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thanks for that tree frog! It really does look like a lovely gi.

Megan said...

I shrank a Padilla and Sons once quite well...but it was one of those gis that shrink. The only thing I don't like...and it may just be the gi itself...but the cotton opens up like crazy with sweat. My non-shrunk gis don't seem to do that. Too many times I've almost lost my pants.