BJJ / Grappling tips: Side control escape: re-establishing guard

To re establish guard from side control bottom, we need to:

1. Make space between us and the opponent (By framing, bridging and shrimping)
2. Fill that space with our frame (nearside knee) and then
3. Use that frame to push against and move / pivot our head and shoulders away (to take away the opponent's advantage of being at a 90 degree angle to us). Once we have done that, we...
4. Shrimp to get our legs, knees and feet between us and them, re-establishing guard.

The thing is, when I demonstrate that or teach it during a BJJ session or private, I'm talking to people and explaining the technical details of what and why I'm doing so what should be one smooth continuous motion is sometimes misunderstood as segments or separate moves.

Here, the Part Time Grappler uses the beautiful Live-Love-Fight Ultra light gi to demonstrate.

The same is true for many moves. It's fine to break down a BJJ or grappling move and practice / internalize it in chuncks, but the more you work on it the more you should be moving towards performing it (sweeps from guard, attacks from mount, guard passes...etc.) as one smooth motion.

Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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