BJJ / Grappling Techniques: Escaping footlocks in BJJ

Whatever belt you are in BJJ*, you should always be aware and working to increase your awareness of where your body parts are. As Mr Miyagi told foolish Daniel-san: "Best Defense Is No Be There".

Whether in BJJ or Submission Grappling, you shouldn't leave your feet in such exposed positions for any length of time. Sure you can go for feet on hips when playing open guard and put your flexed instep next to their waist when going for scissor sweeps, but that's a calculated risk. If you are going to take that risk, you must take the possibility of foot attacks into consideration and therefore dominate your opponent's posture and grips so they can't just wrap your ankle and sit back for a foot lock or heel hook.

Check out this nice fundamental video on foot lock defence. I hope you like it.

*Foot and leg attacks are not allowed in IBJJF competitions for beginners

Liam "The Part Time Grappler" Wandi

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