Frames in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Knees

Jiu Jitsu Frames: The Knees.

To me, the "Jiu" in BJJ is, at least partially, about moving your body around that of your opponent. Frames are what stops the opponent from simply following you around as you move. They are obstacles that you place in the way of your opponent's body to stop or at least restrict his freedom of movement. An example we all recognize is when the arms are used to frame against the hips and / or knees while we escape the mount.

In fact, when the word "frame" is used within BJJ or grappling, people often think of the arms. However, the longer we play this game of jiu jitsu, the less we use the arms and the more we use other body parts to frame*. A great such body part is the knee. Here are a couple of different methods to frame with the knee while you move your body around your opponent's. In particular, these are methods to use the knee frame to extract trapped body parts**.

How do you use your knees, or other body parts, as frames in BJJ and grappling?

*Check out Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro's no arm drills on
**Please excuse the sound quality :)
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