BJJ / Grappling Tips: Learning from Instructionals

How to learn best from DVDs and other instructional media?

Invisible Jiu Jitsu!

I could write on this subject for a long time. The best place to start is...the beginning. I will use the first 40 seconds of Braulio Estima's video on chokes to demonstrate:

The way I see it, the best way to learn the jiu jitsu techniques that Braulio is showing is by:

1. Learning the grips and positioning he starts with (the Posture) - the first 40 seconds or so.
2. With a partner, start with that posture and try to move around with real energy (giving and recieving Pressure)
3. Repeat this with as many partners as you can for a few sessions until the posture and the pressures become second nature.

Then and only then, re-visit the remainder of this clip and start looking at the different techniques, or Possibilities, that can roll of this combination of BJJ posture and pressure(s). Next you can look into getting into that posture and start linking your game up - (integrating the technique / position in the rest of you BJJ or grappling game plan).

Not only will you learn fast, you will learn well. Very well, as a matter of fact. You will make the position your own.

Make sure you come back and let us know what you think.

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Georgette said...

Ahh I recognize some similarities to how Matt Thornton/Cane Prevost/SBGi learn and teach jiu jitsu :)

The Part Time Grappler said...

Absolutly! Cane is the brains behind this and I believe this is how he teaches the sessions at SBGi.

I'm proposing taking it a step further: I'm proposing we LEARN this way too. When we align our learning style to the teaching method we learn much faster and take in more in a limited amount of time. If the material is presented in the 3P model, we learn the most important things first, the 20% that brings in the 80% of the results! Helloooo Part Time Grapplers :)