BJJ Affiliation: BJJ black belt David "Malandro" Onuma

"It is with great pleasure following 6 months of training, that I formally announce and confirm that the BJJ program/team at Fighting Fit, Manchester Labs, Manchester are now officially affiliated to me via the CFS BJJ Team."

After over a year of flying solo, the awesome team that is the Labs is now formally affiliated with BJJ black belt David Onuma.

Creating an affiliation was never something we took lightly at the Labs, as evident from David's quote. I remember talking to our head coach Martyn about what he looked for in terms of affiliation and his exact words were: "opportunity for growth in terms of technique, guidance in development of the syllabus and someone who fits in terms of personality". It has always been the goal to find more than just a source of grappling knowledge but someone we want to learn from and look forward to having at the Labs - Manchester on a regular basis.

I am very pleased to have David as that person and I can't wait for our next session on the mat.

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