BJJ History: The first three british born BJJ black belts

"My teacher gave me a belt that I honour till today, and I pass that on to you"

These are the words of 7th degree black-and-red belt Maurição Motta Gomes as he promoted the UK's first three black belts back in 2005: Jude Samuels, Marc Walder and Rick Young.

If you've read Jude Samuel's interview in this month's Jiu Jitsu Style you'll know that he said that he cried when he received the belt. He wasn't lying.

Everytime you step on the Jiu Jitsu mat, remember that you are lucky and be grateful for those who paved the way.

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1 comment:

alexyeahdude said...

I just got my second stripe from Rick Young last weekend! He's an amazing instructor and a better human being