BJJ Tips: Grip to Flow from Standing to Ground to Submissions

I mentioned in a previous post that Part Time Grapplers would do well to make a conscious effort to limit ourselves to one or two grips or postures from each position and in finding common uses for the same grips in multiple BJJ geographies. An example is having techniques that flow out of the lapel & sleeve grips from mount, guard, side control, back and standing. Suddenly that limited range of techniques translates into a very efficient and aggressive attacking game plan, hunting for submissions from practically every position, without having to change grips much.

I made the following short BJJ video on Friday with my brother "Up-and-coming Go-Kart and Formula 1 legend in the making!" Mr Sam Wandi. Thank you bro.

Both sequences start from stand-up jiu jitsu. The first flows from an open guard sweep and the second from a throw. I'm not aiming to teach you these techniques in particular. There are much better qualified people to do so.

The aim here is to demonstrate that by changing my grips as seldom as possible I actually both save time, shorten my decision making process and leave my opponent fewer opportunies to escape or counter. I hope you like it.

Apologies for the less than optimal video quality (although, not bad for an iPod touch I must say!)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips

The Part Time Grappler said...

Such a kind thing to say. thank you Shakia.