BJJ Interveiws: The Part Time Grappler Interviews the Winners of the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Competition Part 4 of 4

The Part Time Grappler Interviews Mr Evan Mannweiler, Mr Aaron Shiels and Mr Francisco Arias, winners of the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Competition, Part 4

Do you have any regrets?

EM: Sure. I wish I'd studied math, engineering or accounting. I wish I'd learned coding languages extensively. Art is cool and all but very had to make a living with. Where I live the market is pretty small for designers and illustrators. I love it though, don't get me wrong- if I'd studied math or science or something I'd regret not studying art and journalism. Maybe my regret is that I ever had to leave school!

AS: Just one, which is'nt major, but now I've found BJJ, I just wish I had started it a lot earlier in life

FA: Maybe one.

Finally, why do you train? What drives you?

EM: I love the intellectual challenge of BJJ. After a month or two, our bodies adapt and we get fit enough to not have to worry too much about strength or conditioning, I've found. The intellectual challenge gets harder and harder the more you train. Out thinking your opponent to get him to fall for your tricks. That's the chess game people talk about. For me, that is the enduring interest. My goal every time I train is to make fewer mistakes than the last time I trained. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, just that you improve.

The other motivating factor is social. I have been blessed to have trained in a few different schools all of which have had some really stellar individuals. Highly intelligent guys, good values, talented outside of BJJ and from all walks of life. Many of my best friends are guys I've sweat and bled with in the academy. They push me and I hope I push them back.

AS: To keep fit, to compete and test myself, to make new friends, to progress and see my achievements throughout my developments within the belt system. To feel safe and knowing I will be able to handle myself in danger, but most of all, to enjoy myself, express myself and have fun!!

FA: I train because I truly love all aspects of our sport – Brazilian jiu jitsu. After all these years, it never gets old and I’m always psyched about getting to the academy to train. In particular, I really love the one-on-one competitive nature of jiu jitz. It’s completely fulfilling. It’s what I love to do.

I would like to thank Mr Evan Mannweiler, Mr Aaron Shiels and Mr Francisco Arias, winners of the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Competition for their time and honesty and openness in answering my questions.

Also I want to thank Meerkatsu for always being Crazy and coming up with great ideas for the BJJ community at large and for involving me in them and Tatami Fightwear for being Crazy enough to tag along with our project.

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Meerkatsu said...

Epic series, genuinely interesting to read, thanks.
Interesting template make over!

The Part Time Grappler said...

Thank you Meerkatsu for the very kind words. The reason they are awesome is because the interviewees were so generous with their time and candid with their answers. THOSE TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS ARE GOLD!!!