BJJ Interveiws: The Part Time Grappler Interviews the Winners of the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design Competition

One of my passions within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the community and the Crazy Ass BJJ Gi Design competition that Meerkatsu and I ran recently (sponsored by Tatami Fightwear) was a great example of an event that not only drew people together and garnered attention from practitioners around the globe and was discussed on The Fightworks Podcast, but it also opened the gates for peoples’ creativity. Judging the submissions was not an easy feat and the judges banged their heads together for a long time. As you all know, three winners were decided upon:


Evan Mannweiler with 'Pin up '
Evan will get his gi custom made by Tatami Fightwear.


Aaron Shiels with 'Scorpion'
Aaron wins an Estilo Premier gi


Francisco Arias with 'I'm Lovin' Jitz'
Francisco wins a Zero G gi

For picture of the winning designs you can check out our competition blog.

But I want more. I always want more. I contacted the three winners and asked if they’d be interested in an interview. Luckily, they were excited by the idea and very generous with their time. The resulting BJJ interviews are both very interesting, very diverse and very educating! I'm now inthe final stages of editing the interviews (they were huge!) and part one (of four) will hit a screen near you before the end of this week!

Stay tuned, I say.

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